Who are we?

We are a network of researchers from various disciplines: Psychology, Linguistics, and Computer Science. Together we are developing systems and data sets to uncover media bias or unbalanced coverage. We share the common vision of understanding how and why humans perceive news content as being biased, or one-sided. Foremost,  we take an interdisciplinary approach to the problem. Are you a student, doctoral researcher, or senior researcher working in the same area? We’d love to get in touch and just connect!


How do we perceive media bias?


How much of media bias is related to linguistic characteristics?

Computer Science

How can we automatically detect, efficiently store, and present media bias?

Economics/Political Science

Causality of bias in political and economic processes

Media bias data set creation

How can we develop data sets that support research and projects about media bias?

About us

The media bias group was founded in mid-2020 by Timo Spinde while pursuing his Ph.D. in computer science. Already during his bachelor studies, he mixed content from computer science and journalism, and soon after, became intrigued by the idea to help others to perceive news in a more balanced and more conscious way. After one year of planning how a system to uncover bias on a multi-million article scale could work, he founded the group and connected to various partners especially related to specific parts of the project. Within just one year, the project is now supported by multiple other research groups, and about twenty students from seven countries have joined the group to work on the system. Starting from 2021, the group is also offering first Ph.D. positions. Click below to read more about our network, partners, and future.