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We offer a variety of thesis topics that we update constantly. We are a group of professors, students, and Ph.Ds. from various countries, from Japan, India, Tunisia, Israel, the Netherlands, and of course Germany, so if you work with us, you will enter a very international setting/network with excellent contacts for a later Ph.D. or industry job. We also come from different scientific areas: Psychology, Linguistics, Computer Science, and Statistics. With us, it is possible to go abroad (fully paid) with the thesis, to Japan or Israel. We very much believe in the strengths of a group and will go with you through your thesis rather than have you go alone.

We are open for working with you independent of which university you are from. In case you are interested, we can talk to any professor at your unversity together and find a suitable official supervisor giving the grade, while we will help you to make the sure the work meets highest standards.


With our partners, we exchange resources, students, ideas, give mutual feedback, or any combination of these. Join our network, learn about our research, and show us your research! We have made great experiences with connecting researchers and students are very open for more partners. In case you like to know more, just send us a mail!


You are already pursuing a Ph.D. and are looking for someone to talk to, exchange knowledge, share resources, or find motivated students and partners? Just let us know! In case you did not start yet, we also offer the possibility to pursue a fully paid Ph.D. program at one of our main German partner universities in Wuppertal, Passau, or Konstanz. We will outline your schedule with you, and you will be supervised by the partners from our network. In case you are interested, we can talk and provide more information.