Hello everyone, we are the Media Bias Group!

Do you want to be part of resolving and investigating issues around media bias together worldwide? Our network merges disciplines like Psychology, Linguistics, Computer Science, and more. Our goal? To understand and address media bias through applied and socially relevant research. But actually, we’re more than just research. We’re a dynamic, innovative academic community connected globally.

With us, you can gain insights into the academic world or prepare for an academic career in an international setting.
No matter your university, if we fit together, we celebrate collaboration anywhere and have done so successfully in the past already. For example, in 2023, we took a team of 10 master thesis and Ph.D. students with full pay to Tokyo, Japan, to work there together for 6-8 months.

Sounds good to you? Check out the topics below, which give some insight into what we do.
If you have your own idea, feel free to reach out.
Just to say it briefly: We meet weekly, are passionate about our work, and have some amazing projects lined up. You can work with us from anywhere, we collaborate with universities and professors all around the world.
If you have questions or a specific partner in mind? Reach out. We’re eager to welcome you!