About Us

We are an international network of researchers working on media bias and related research areas. We are always open for new partners or students joining us for a thesis project or Ph.D. – in collaboration with any university or chair. You can read more about getting to know or joining us on our mission here. The group was founded by Timo Spinde in early 2020. So far, this is who we are:

Timo Spinde

Coordinator of the research network

Universities of Göttingen, Konstanz & Passau

Smilla Hinterreiter

Ph.D. candidate

University of Würzburg

Professors, Departments & Postdocs

Prof. Dr. Bela Gipp

Prof. Dr. Michael Granitzer

Data Science

University of Passau


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gaissmaier

Social Psychology and Decision Sciences

University of Konstanz

+49 7531 88-3024

Prof. Dr. Akiko Aizawa

Digital Content and Media Sciences Research Division Professor / Deputy Director General

National Institute of Informatics Tokyo

Prof. Dr. Karsten Donnay

Political Behavior and Digital Media

University of Zurich

+41 44 634 58 57

Prof. Dr. Isao Echizen

Information and Society Research Division

National Institute of Informatics Tokyo

Prof. Dr. Jelena Mitrovic

Computational Rhetoric and NLP / Leader of the BMBF funded CAROLL Research Group

University of Passau

+49 851 509 3955

Prof. Dr. Thomas Nygren

Senior lecturer/Associate Professor, Department of Education

Uppsala University

+46 73 6468649

Prof. Dr. Marcel Garz

Associate Professor of Economics

Jönköping International Business School

+46 (0)36 10 17 82

Prof. Steffi Hußlein

Professor Interaction Design

University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal (Institute Industrial Design)

+49 170 4816986

Prof. Dr. Marc Erich Latoschik

Prof. Dr. Martin Potthast

Professor of Text Mining und Retrieval (JP)

Universty of Leipzig

+49 341 97-32382

Prof. Dr. Philipp Schaer

Director of the Institute of Information Management (IIM)

Cologne University of Applied Sciences

+49 221-8275-3845

Carl-Anton Werner Axelsson

Postdoc, Department of Information Technology, Division of Visual Information and Interaction

Uppsala University

+4618-471 3465

Felix Hamborg

Ph.D., Data & Knowledge Engineering

University of Konstanz

+49 (0)7531 88 4805

Dr. Helge Giese

Postdoc, Social Psychology and Decision Sciences

University of Konstanz

+49 7531 88-3487

Anastasia Zhukova

Ph.D. candidate, Data & Knowledge Engineering

University of Göttingen

Fabian Haak

Ph.D. candidate at TH Köln, Information Retrieval Research Group

TH Köln - University of Applied Sciences

Active students

Ann-Christin Gah

Technical University of Munich, CDTM

Ahmed Altour

University of Passau

Jerome Würf

University of Leipzig

Jerome Wassmuth

University of Konstanz

Tomáš Horych

Czech Technical University in Prague

Fabian Schliski

University of Passau

Anna Bahß

University of Konstanz

Sultan Us Zamman

University of Passau

Past students

Magdalena Haupt

University of Konstanz

Christin Jeggle

University of Konstanz

Lada Rudnitckaia

University of Konstanz

Kanishka Sinha

University of Passau

Jakob Speier

University of Konstanz

Daniel Färber

University of Konstanz

Jonas Ehrhardt

University of Amsterdam

Manuel Plank

University of Konstanz

Shiva Madilla

University of Passau

Jack Krueger

University of Konstanz

Christina Kreuter

University of Konstanz

Apurva Jagdale

University of Passau

Przemyslaw Joniak

National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo

Tilman Hornung

University of Konstanz

David Krieger

University of Konstanz

Kathrin Holzinger

University of Passau

Oumaima Chedly

University of Passau

Elisabeth Richter

University of Konstanz

Zeynep Fert

University of Tilburg

Martin Wessel

University of Konstanz

The group 2022 working together in Tokyo:

The group during a weekend on the hut 2021: